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Parenting Consultations

As a parent myself, I can relate to having tons of questions relating to my child’s, let’s call it “spiritedness.” As a first-time mom, I was overwhelmed by all the different books and parenting articles. Everything sounds so easy to do in writing! For some reason, once I discussed  certain topics over with other parents, therapists, teachers about specific techniques to target my child’s behavior, they were much easier to apply.

I absolutely love working with parents. I’ve worked with parents both as when the child has been the identified patient, and also with parents who have their own mental health concerns. I’ve been certified by UC Davis in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy which is an evidence-based treatment for children with emotional and behavioral problems. It focuses on improving the quality of the relationship between caregivers and children. Although I don’t provide the full treatment at my office yet (see PCIT website for details on the treatment), I can offer parenting coaching, consulting and specific interventions to help assist with your child’s behavioral or emotional issues. Or maybe you just want to consult with someone regarding what is an appropriate for a child in his/her developmental stage. Sometimes knowing what’s within normal range can help us adjust our expectations for our children. Additionally, even if your child’s behavior is within normal range, I can help validate and also provide tips to help you address certain behaviors. 

In my experience, having someone who understands what the different parenting challenges, thoughts, emotions, and effective techniques can help curb stress, enhance self-care, and ultimately help you develop a better relationship with your child. You might also find it helpful to talk about how your own childhood experiences, core beliefs or how you were parented contribute to your parenting now. 

I decided to offer parenting consultations because not every issue demands regular therapy. Together we can discuss a good timeframe or short term consultation sessions based on your needs. 

About the Provider

Sofia Mendoza, LCSW


I’m passionate about helping individuals through their challenges, childhood memories, trauma, parenting and life transitions. I use a combination of strength-based, behavioral, and cognitive interventions to help clients become present, focused and skillful — all in an effort to train them to become their own therapists while developing a life worth living.

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Parenting Consultations

As a parent myself, I can relate to having tons of questions relating to my child’s, let’s call it “spiritedness.” As a first-time mom, I...


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