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First Generation Professionals

To start, you should know that I’m a first generation Latina, first generation college graduate and first generation professional. I am the proud daughter of a proud housekeeper. Being at the intersection of race, class and gender gives me a unique perspective about what ‘First Gens’ go through not only through the educational system or professions, but also the experience of being at the margins of what’s expected given various roles.

I love my profession. I absolutely love being a therapist. Therapy is about self-care, healing and self-reflection. So when I think about who my ideal client is or who I connect with the most, it’s always clients who I have shared experiences with. I have extensive experience providing therapy to First Generation Helping Professionals who are the first persons in their families or generation to dedicate their careers to helping others. This includes (but not limited to) medical, educational, social work, therapy, entrepreneurs, creatives, caregiving and law professionals. I am versed in our our inherent giving natures and experiences have informed our decision into becoming a helping professional. As a creative and entrepreneur, I am also witness to the soul and struggle of the artist’s work.

Additionally and unfortunately, I have also experienced overt and covert microaggressions. These experiences, combined by my servicing mainly BIPOC for the entirety of my career, have led me to incorporate race based trauma interventions throughout my work, regardless of the modality I’m using. I tailor various decolonizing and soul-based approaches for my clients (and myself).

I invite First Gens to my practice to help heal, understand, and validate their experiences all (and always) through a trauma and cultural lens. You, your layers, complexities and your experiences matter. This is a safe space for you.

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Sofia Mendoza, LCSW


I’m passionate about helping individuals through their challenges, childhood memories, trauma, parenting and life transitions. I use a combination of strength-based, behavioral, and cognitive interventions to help clients become present, focused and skillful — all in an effort to train them to become their own therapists while developing a life worth living.

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