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Pain is a natural and inevitable part of life. When we are trying to avoid the pain or refuse to accept it, is when we suffer. In my practice, I focus on helping people accepting pain or the things we have no control over so that it can free us up to move on. Acceptance does not mean approval. It simply refers to accepting reality as it is. For example, some people find that once they accept a chronic illness or pain, it frees them up to make the necessary changes to live and cope. Most people can tolerate pain. For many, it’s the suffering and fighting against reality that is unbearable. Others find acceptance extremely helpful when grieving childhoods, losses, or traumas. Paradoxically, acceptance of the things we cannot change, opens us up to accept opportunities that help create change in the way we feel and live our lives.

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Sofia Mendoza, LCSW


I’m passionate about helping individuals through their challenges, childhood memories, trauma, parenting and life transitions. I use a combination of strength-based, behavioral, and cognitive interventions to help clients become present, focused and skillful — all in an effort to train them to become their own therapists while developing a life worth living.

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