This will be an ever-growing list as I buckle down and try to add all the wonderful resources that have helped me and other clinicians along the way. It’s so important for us to feel competent, creative and inspired in the work that we do. Let me know if you have a great resource that you’d like to share with me or add to this list.

A good place to start is my book recommendations page for different books I encourage my clients to read. As a rule of thumb, I try to read everything that I recommend and in the event that I haven’t, I make sure to let my clients know that.

Free Self-Care Starter Kit: 

The University at Buffalo School of Social Work came up with a great Self-Care Starter Kit for their MSW students. It’s fantastic and I recommend everyone in the helping field as you think about how to structure your self-care.


I highly recommend audible to listen to books. It can help make long drives (I’m an L.A. girl) or workouts bearable. With this link you can get your first two books for free when you sign up for the membership (which you can cancel at any time). Click here: Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks




Self-care for the therapist

Relaxation/Meditation Resources

Sitting Still like a Frog has easily become one of my favorite mindfulness resources. It comes with a CD which I have played for both child and adult clients. They are easy to follow and promote mindful awareness, with positive reframes.

Latinx and Mental Health



Jenga is a great way to build rapport with new child-teen clients. You can color the blocks and create cards for those colors. Create get-to know you cards, psychoeducation, interventions… the possibilities are endless