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First Generation Professionals

To start, you should know that I absolutely love being a therapist. Therapy is about self-care, healing and self-reflection. So when I think about who my ideal client is or who I connect with the most, it’s always clients who I have shared experiences with. I’m a first generation Latina, first generation college graduate and professional. Being at the intersection of race, class and gender gives me a unique perspective about what ‘First Gens’ go through not only through the educational system or professions, but also the experience of being at the border or margin of what’s expected given various roles.

I invite First Gens to my practice to help heal, understand, and validate their experiences all (and always) through a trauma and cultural lens. You, your layers and your experiences matter.

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Why this specialty?

I’m versed in the the first in my family to do a lot of things. I was the first to attend graduate school. I was the first to create my own professional business. I was the first to rent office space. I am also the “only” in a lot of my professional spaces. My clients feel validated in the complexity of their experiences and decision making. They feel heard and seen in their struggles to manage it all within their intersectionalities. 

E. Sofia Mendoza

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Specializing in trauma, First Generation Professionals, and race-based healing interventions.


Free 15 minute phone consultation


Other Services

Healing begins here

Burnout Recovery

Seeing burnout on a spectrum prepares us better for it as an occupational hazard.


I combine evidence based and race based interventions in treatment.

First Generation

Effectively able to hold space and room for healing in your journey.

Work Stress

I specialized in employment focused mental health treatment to help people manage work stress and purpose.

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Rest assured that I will absolutely love hearing about every aspect of your culture and its meaning in your life. I will help you honor and hold space for it, while also helping you decide how you want to live your life according to those values. 


Feel free to call me for a free 15 minute consultation at (323) 351-1741.